Data Center Design solutions is an obligatory unit for each corporate enterprise or the companies providing service for this goal. Data Centers are the areas which are specially designed and include the elements such as system servers, storage and backup systems and network layers. As of the establishment of Data center, not using the design does not mean that you shall not need a solution or structure. The backup and details shall show their importance when required. The main reason for existence is the security, backup and continuity. The data centers of present day need cost-effective and smooth, easy manageable solutions.

As Entegres, we provide service with our expert team in many subject such as infrastructure, raised floor systems, energy, air conditioning, monitoring, security, system room for providing the uninterrupted work continuity in the new data center solutions and current data center.

Our Data Central Design Solutions

  • Energy systems, power supplies, generators
  • Automatic gas fire detection systems
  • Climate-controlled precision air conditioning systems
  • Data Center exploration and design
  • Data and energy infrastructure cabling
  • IP camera monitoring systems
  • Access control systems
  • Raised floor and vent systems
  • Servers and Switches, Rack cabinets
  • Physical Infrastructure Planning and Design

As Entegres, we provide service with our expert team for providing the uninterrupted work continuity.