Our expert technology consultants provide service in analysis, design, scaling, test, application, documentation, IT solutions needed by our customers.

Our consultancy services are gathered in following main titles;

  • Project Management
  • Datacenter
  • Data Security Disaster Recovery
  • Microsoft Server Family
  • Oracle Database
  • Virtualization Technologies
  • Network Technologies

Why Us?

  • We always accompany you with our expert engineers and technical personnel.
  • We have all kinds of tools and equipment investment that may be required related with our work.
  • We provide service in country-wide with our 40 business partners out of Istanbul.
  • We reduce the operational interruption to minimum level with our spare part and product inventory power.
  • We commit SLA ( Service Level Agreement).
  • We provide the reporting and trace opportunity with Helpdesk and CRM system.
  • We give periodical training and exams to our personnel.
  • We have a team which has important experiences and work experiences in public and private sector.
  • Our productivity increases, we focus on your main business.
  • We help you in reducing your costs.
  • We listen to your problems and provide appropriate solutions for you.
  • We generate the accurate options together in your technology investments.
  • Not with persons, our service commitments as corporate gives trust
  • We standardize your technological infrastructure, we offer suggestions and solutions.

A full technological review and planning process for your enterprise.