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Business Continuity

Business continuity solutions aim the uninterrupted operation of IT systems in a failure or disaster condition. The necessity of extraordinary situation centers and business continuity concept gains importance for the institutions each passing day for preventing the data loss in disaster conditions. The natural disasters and cyber attacks highlight the necessity of transferring these systems and data of your institution to a different backup point simultaneously. Entegres provides the most appropriate business continuity solutions which include the human, building, equipment, technology resources, business partners and suppliers within the plans which are designed for continuity of your business.

Why Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery?

You do not lose the information flow of your institution

You provide saving in your IT investments

You do not lose your work continuity

You do not experience tangible and intangible customer losses

You can overcome the possible disasters easily

Your performance increases as depending on the processor speed and you provide competitive advantage

You do not lose time by storing your data to two different points at the same time.