Physical Infrastructure

Physical Infrastructure

Each active device providing the data communication in Data Centers, has to have a smart physical infrastructure for operating in high quality and capacity without any performance loss.

Uninterruption in Data Centers;

The most important element in Data Centers is “uninterruption”. As long as we do not have a physical infrastructure that shall provide uninterrupted data communication, we shall not obtain the efficiency required in data center and this shall cause the disruption of the business continuity.

While we design your physical infrastructure, we offer appropriate solutions for your needs such as underground and on-cab by considering the possible interventions that may be confronted in structural cabling.

Datacenter Properties;

Broadband internet infrastructure

Firewall system against all types of attacks

High capacity, compatible solutions for virtualization technology

Server backup system for storing spare servers

Designs that have the hosting specification of 42U or Half Rack (21U) cabin and ATX-type servers where the unauthorized interventions are prevented

Redundant UPS and generator systems

Fire alarm, door systems, air condition and air conditioning system

Physical security and surveillance system

7/24 monitoring and tracking service which is provided by technical support personnel.