Cloud technology is the software applications, data storage service and processing capacity in the access through internet. It is a principal in this technology to access the location independently in any time when the companies need the talents used in IT field. The main benefits of cloud technology are; scalability, flexibility, agility and low cost advantages.

The main elements in engaging the cloud solutions; unpredictable increase of personal and corporate data, the unstable performance where the device specifications can be insufficient or over the need and the opportunity of making load balancing against the speed demands.

One of the advantage of cloud computing for the multi-user platforms is to provide the access to the system and applications without requiring any installation. An important decrease in provided in the hardware investments as well as providing saving from the service and maintenance services with this structure. When cloud technology models are considered, 4 main structures are outstanding; Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Community Cloud and Hybrid Cloud.

Public Cloud: They are the cloud services which are given through the servers on internet.

Private Cloud: It is the cloud service which is provided through the system designed with the servers within the body of the corporation.

Community Cloud: It is the cloud system which can be accessed through the system shared by the specific joint institutions sharing the cloud information infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud: It is the cloud service which allows the common usage of public and private cloud in accordance with the security needs of the institutions.