Education Solutions

Entegres designates solution strategies and make real these strategies to determine technological needs of institution in education sector and to manage ideally.

We provide that the newest projects are gathered and projects which are private institution are structured with our expert team. In that solutions and projects we perform; we structure optimal network infrastructure, performance, continuity, scalability, security and manageability according to criterias.

Our Solutions

- Cabling

- System Room

- Fire Alarm

- Information Infrastructure Solutions

- Climate Projects

- UPS System

- Server Infrastructure Solutions

- Data Storage Solutions

- Virtualization And Backup Solutions

- Disaster Recovery Solutions

- Support & Maintenance Services Solutions

- Firewall Solutions


- Network Security Solutions

- Anti-Virus Installation And Development Solutions

- Log Management

- E-Mailing And Filtering Solutions

- Scope Of Law No: 5651 Logging

- Network Access Control

- Network Wan/Lan Management Solutions

- Wired/Wireless Access Solutions

- Wan Optimization Solutions

- Traffic Flow Management Solutions

- Router & Switch Management Solutions

27001 information system is an administrative network that includes individuals,time and knowledge Networks to provide protection of public knowledge. This system is designed to protect information and to provide confidence related aspects for proportional and adequate security controls. ISO 27001 information network certificate includes public buildings, plannings, policies, implementations, sources and processes. Network management is associated with the success of institution gradually rising level and the survival of institution.

In accordance with this, CEO’s in between nationals and MD’s give importance to all manner of a free control which will prove relevance of management system for purpose. For ISO 27001 certificate, a institution or institutions must create network related to the document of ISO 27001 Information Security Management. The institutions that create network which is appropriate ISO 27001 Information Security Certificate Standards must be made inspection from institutions which have a reputation areas between nations is made accredited related to ISO 27001 Information Security network as well as these institutions must pass muster successfully.

We provide cost-effective solutions intended for transfer of internet access, information/voice/view in the form of residential campus like as university,factory,industrial zones,hotels,exhibition/convention areas. We can perform Projects which wireless technology are used for access communication and center internet in open area,buildings in campuses or between campuses.

Entegres provides integrated solutions that is appropriate with access and communication structures which are used in campuses which is in our country by using wired or wireless Technologies.

Companies and universities which need High Performance Computing substructures are not required to make millions dollar of investment from now on.

High Performance Computing & Entegres

Great processor powers, which are needed to make complex computations require high performance, are provided by Super Computers. Super Computers which are used for from cancer researches to design of high-tech F-22 Fighters; are expensive and mysterious devises for us due to their thousands of processors and their costs valued at millions of dollars.

Although Super Computers are consisting of CPUs, RAMs and storing units just like computer systems that we use in our daily lives, similarity between these is limited with this. From this point of view; we can liken Super computers a Formula 1 cars; since they are extremely expensive and have high-tech and requires a serious knowledge to be used and area of usage is limited.

On the other hand, since computer systems that we use in our daily lives are devices that require a modest budget and have wider area of usage due to technology that they bear, they are more close to sedans that we use.

One of advantages that brought by “parallel processing” which is enhanced in recent period, is “High Performance Computing” context which allows us to drive more that one sedan car as we drive a single Formula 1 car.

High Performance Computing Computers basically allow computer systems that are used in daily lives to work as a single Super Computer under ”Cluster” architecture. Critical point of this matter is to be able to determine building stones of super computer that we will design in accordance with our requirement. We can design “Super Computer” that satisfy our requirement by using building stones in capacity and amount as we need from single processor, quad core serves to four processor 2 core servers.

High Performance Computing systems which are needed in sectors such as energy, healthcare, production etc, for wihic R&D and research activities are significantly important, becomes outsourced services provided by universities to private sector in recent period.

Harran Üniversitesi High Performance Computing System which we developed as Entegres Bilgi Teknolojileri in recent period is successfully serves for projects within University as well as technological development in its region.

Benefits of High Performance Computing (HPC);

High-performance computing solutions for high performance, efficiency, ease of management and scalability offer.

To meet the different calculation requirements with high performance and to create a scalable high level HPC system.

Reduction of operating and maintenance costs by collecting the IT structure in place.

Starting efficient use of existing network resources.