We become the solution partner which is asked in many sectors with our projects and studies for over 20 years in health sector. In this respect, we produce new projects by offering Public Solutions to our customers and we are continuing our work with our team of experts appointed in these projects.


- Structural Cabling

- System Room Infrastructure Solutions

- Fire Alarm

- Alarm Systems

- Information Infrastructure Solutions

- Climate Projects

- Server Infrastructure Solutions

- Data Storage Solutions

- Virtualization and Backup Solutions

- Disaster Recovery Solutions

- Support & Maintenance Services Solutions

- Firewall Solutions


- Network Security Solutions

- Anti-Virus Installation and Development Solutions

- Log Management

- E-mail & Web Filtering Solutions

- Scope of Law No. 5651 Logging

- Network Access Control

- Network WAN / LAN Management Solutions

- Wired / Wireless Access Solutions

- WAN Optimization Solutions

- Traffic Flow Management Solutions

- Router & Switch Management Solutions